|  Friday, 17 August 2018
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Welcome to our website. Our core business focus is with new car dealer franchise where the main criteria is on quality and reliability in service with which there is little, if any tolerance for failures. This is the reason we advertise and carry more factory original equipment rims than any other sellers. Retail customers are more than welcome, however the main focus of current retail customers tends to be more on price without truly accounting for what they may or may not be getting in what at a first glance appears to be a cheaper price from opposition sellers. Our packages are always based on the correct genuine caps, factory genuine nuts and when required, factory nut covers.

All our GMH, HSV, Ford, FPV and Tickford wheels are genuine. We do not deal in copy or replica wheels and if required, we would kindly suggest searching elsewhere. Our packaged sets also include correct genuine factory caps, factory nuts and with GMH product, nut covers. In relation to factory GMH or HSV wheels, none ever came with chrome nuts. Chrome nuts cost very little compared to the correct genuine factory nuts & factory plastic nut covers. Genuine wheels are designed to be affixed with factory nuts, not cheap Chinese manufactured chrome nuts. For detailed images demonstrating the difference in genuine and non genuine nuts can be again found in our announcements section.
The growth of our business is due to the fact of our competitive pricing combined with our professional no nonsense, efficient service. Please email us for any further information, advice or to enquire about any of our product range. We will slowly continue to grow our range and eventually include more brands and models. We will continue to focus on genuine factory wheels as well as well established quality aftermarket brands including Advanti, ROH, MOMO, MAK, ATP & Simmons. 
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