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Payment Options
You can post a cheque or money order or we can advise you of our banking details and funds can be either directly deposited into our National Bank Account or transferred over the internet if you have internet banking. Other payment options include MasterCard, Visa and American Express cards. Please note that all credit card payments are subject to a 2% card handling fee. This equates to around $20 per $1000 and is basically what the bank charges us as a merchant fee. EFTPOS is free of any charges. Due to previous credit card fraud transactions, it is not possible for payment by credit cards solely by over the phone verbal authority. For postal and over the phone order conditions, please press “Read More" icon. Sorry, NO INTEREST free or LAY-BY terms.
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Wheel Balancer Information
Our fitting and balancing equipment is state of the art. We are one of only a handful of tyre dealers that have invested in the Hunter GSP9700 Road Force Variation wheel balancer (www.GSP9700.com). This is the only balancer available which has a load roller that checks the rolling diameter and force variation of the wheel and tyre combination under load. To keep it basic, it ensures there are no soft flat spots in the tyre as a combination with the rim under load.

We have been using these balancers for over 10 years for the specific purpose of ensuring our product is vibration free. We currently have 2 machines in service and have enjoyed a 100 percent success rate in delivering a vibration free product. These machines cost nearly $30,000 each which is why very few are in service nationally elsewhere and as such, we prefer not to be involved in diagnosing other tyre services vibration issues. In certain circumstances the service is available, however due to the time and dedicated expertise involved, diagnoses and print-out report minimum cost is $220 without any guarantee the problem can be resolved.
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Tyre Fitting Equipment Used
On premium wheel and tyre packages, we use a Corghi Artiglio MASTER which marks a new frontier in the world of tyre changers. Corghi Artiglio MASTER records a happy ending of the lever, physical effort, precaution and worry about damaging expensive wheels and tyres.

The unit’s operation is based on a completely new principle: Electronic wheel diameter selection with automatic tool positioning, wheel lifter for loading and unloading the wheel. An automatic tool head eliminates the use of tyre levers and protects against wheel and tyre damage during the fitting process.
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Genuine or Non Genuine Commodore Nuts
Nuts are not all created equal. In this area we demonstrate why only genuine factory nuts should be used on factory Commodore alloy wheels. The sole reason chrome nuts would be used to bolt factory genuine Commodore wheels to vehicles is because they are cheaper. That may initially appear to be a bonus from a consumer's point of view, but that's where the advantage ends. Chrome nuts do not properly seat factory genuine Commodore rims and this is demonstrated in the detailed section. They also invariably end up with unsightly rust from a combination of impact gun use and the corrosive effect of modern day brake dust particles.
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Thinking Copy, Replica or Style Wheels
If you require copy wheels or are looking to source a replacement copy wheel, it is impossible for us to assist we would kindly suggest searching elsewhere. The public often make the assumption that because copy wheels look the same, they must be the same as the original, only much cheaper. More often than not, the sellers will also have you think that they are “made in the same factory”. They are willing to do that to get the cash out of your pockets and into theirs. Please Read More if interested in the facts. More recent issues also include incorrect offsets on copy/style wheel rubbing on fenders due to incorrect offsets.
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