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Thinking Copy, Replica or Style Wheels
If you require copy wheels or are looking to source a replacement copy wheel, it is impossible for us to assist we would kindly suggest searching elsewhere. The public often make the assumption that because copy wheels look the same, they must be the same as the original, only much cheaper. More often than not, the sellers will also have you think that they are “made in the same factory”. They are willing to do that to get the cash out of your pockets and into theirs. Please Read More if interested in the facts. More recent issues also include incorrect offsets on copy/style wheel rubbing on fenders due to incorrect offsets.
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Genuine or Non Genuine Commodore Nuts
Nuts are not all created equal. In this area we demonstrate why only genuine factory nuts should be used on factory Commodore alloy wheels. The sole reason chrome nuts would be used to bolt factory genuine Commodore wheels to vehicles is because they are cheaper. That may initially appear to be a bonus from a consumer's point of view, but that's where the advantage ends. Chrome nuts do not properly seat factory genuine Commodore rims and this is demonstrated in the detailed section. They also invariably end up with unsightly rust from a combination of impact gun use and the corrosive effect of modern day brake dust particles.
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