|  Monday, 23 September 2019
To register as a Dealer
Dealer registration is ONLY available at this stage to franchise Holden and Ford dealerships. Please feel free to register here ONLY  if you are a franchise Holden or Ford dealer. This section has more detailed information in relation to trading-in of new wheels and tyres and as such is not available to used car trade or the public.

Used car dealer role will be added at a later date. Once we verify your registration details you will be notified via email of that you have been moved into the Dealer role. This will be confirmed by an email advising that you now have dealer pricing access. Return to this site and Login for access for the dealer pricing.

Due to possible variations in pricing, it is highly recommended that once your customer has signed a deal that involves a wheel upgrade from our website, that a firm quote be requested so as to avoid any disputes as a consequence of any price shifts.
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