|  Tuesday, 25 June 2019
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Genuine FPV BA GT-P 18x8 alloy rims now available on a super special price of $1180 for bare rims only set without caps. Price below of $1280 based on Ford caps. Comes in correct front and rear offset configuration. Genuine FPV rims with Ford caps. For FPV caps add $220 to set price. Rim codes ROEFOBAGTP18805H36.5SFP & ROEFOBAGTP18805H28.5SFP.

Size: 18x8

Outright with tyres for set of 4:
$1840 - Achilles 235/40ZR18 (95W) XL ATR Sport tyres.
$2160 - Nexen 245/40R18 (97Y) N6000 tyres.
$2100 - Achilles 245/40R18 (97W) XL ATR Sport tyres.
$2160 - Blue Streak 245/40ZR18 (93V) Stiletto tyres.
$2660 - Dunlop 245/40ZR18 (93Y) SP Sport Maxx tyres.

$ 1280 Outright rims only set

$ 550 Outright single bare rim only
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